The operation of the Burgess Magna-Vac Degasser® is both effective and efficient. The gas-cut mud is drawn into the degasser by a vacuum created by a regenerative vacuum/blower. The mud enters the vacuum chamber of the degasser through a rotating tubular body that has rectangular windows in its wall. Mud accelerator vanes, located within the rotor near the windows, radially spray the mud outward at a high velocity (i.e., 20 feet per second) across the degasser's vacuum chamber impinging it against the outside wall of the circular vessel. The agitation and turbulence created by this constant impinging action allows the oxygen and gas to separate from the mud.

The vacuum/blower then draws the released gases from the vacuum chamber and discharges them away from the rig at a safe distance. The degassed mud flows downward into the lower section of the degasser where it is evacuated by an internal center-vented centrifugal pump which prohibits gas-locking.

The self-contained degassers are normally supplied with a 3600 Revolutions Per Minute explosion-proof motor with approval for use in hazardous locations. All voltages and frequencies are available upon request. Hydraulically-powered units are also available.

Efficiency = Savings

The Burgess Magna-Vac Degasser® economically removes gases and oxygen and helps keep the drilling mud at a desired weight. Additionally, the unit can be used as a mechanical oxygen scavenger, extending the life of the drill string by reducing corrosion.

Quick Installation

The Burgess Magna-Vac Degasser® is easily installed on top of the mud tank with rigid piping. It's as simple as that!

Field Proven

The Burgess Magna-Vac Degasser® underwent extensive testing before being brought on the market and has been in the field for years. Installations like this one have had years of proven performance and reliability all over the world.


Vacuum Section
Complete Capability

  • Draws oxygen and other gases from mud and discharges gases away from rig
  • Positive gas discharge pressure with availability to pipe into flare line
  • Vacuum pressure independent of mud inlet flow for higher efficiency gas removal
  • 10" of Mercury Vacuum - 100 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Vacuum can be increased to 15" of Mercury Vacuum by using the Burgess Turbo-Vac Booster
  • All voltages and frequencies available upon request
  • Gas discharge equipped with swing-type check valve for safety

Mud Handling Section
Optimum Performance

  • Top removal allows easy access to all internal parts
  • Foam gas separation impeller allows gas to be drawn away from mud handling section, but prohibits liquid from entering vacuum section
  • Mud scheduling ring regulates mud flow into mud section vacuum chamber
  • Center vented evacuation pump eliminates gas locking
  • Dissimilar materials eliminates any possibility of sparking
  • Virtually no bearings, seals, or belts to fail

Shell Assembly
Engineering Perfection

  • Replaceable urethane wear ring
  • Access to mud handling section through three large inspection covers for easy cleaning
  • Mud discharge submerged in mud eliminating air back flow into degasser and mud contamination
  • Automatic drainage will not clog with barite or other muds
  • Totally enclosed section eliminates oxygen and any possibility of fire or explosion


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Burgess Magna-Vac Degasser ®